Bilateral mast and expanders on Wednesday 23rd!!

Well, it’s getting close now and I can quite honestly say I’m petrified!! In one way I want it over and done with and in another I NEVER want it to come!!! I just keep thinking to myself that by this time next week it’ll all be done and I’ll be well on my way to coming home. The Breast Care Nurse said I’ll be in for 5-7 days, but on Monday, the Consultant said 3-4!! We’ll see. Also the Consultant said I’m definitely a C cup which they’ll be able to maintain by using the expanders. Had I opted for DIEP I’d have probably ended up only an A, plus it might have made my gastric reflux worse by increasing the pressure inside the tummy. Makes sense if everything’s tighter, I suppose.

If anyone else is in the Royal Marsden (Chelsea) at the same time let me know!! Would be nice to have someone to while away the time with!!

Wish me luck, and I’ll let you know how it goes,


Good luck Trudie - I had a mastectomy with expander 6 weeks ago and am so pleased with the results - although I am still waiting to get pumped up (so to speak). Best wishes, Jacqui

Thanks for that Jacqui, glad to know you’re pleased with it. What was the recovery like?


I was doing really well initially, but managed to get an infection which set me back - I think the area wouldn’t have been half as painful if I didn’t have the infection. My surgeon put me on strong antibiotics and it has now more or less cleared up. I also had quite a bit of fluid, but that has more or less gone now. My scar is just over 3 inches and the surgeon glued it, which has left a very small line - not bad at all and a lot better than I thought it would be. I am so glad that I decided to have the expander implant - I really didn’t want another scar on my body and the surgeon cutting through healthy tissue, so know that I have made the right decision for me. Can’t wait to be pumped up - don’t want Jordan size proportions lol - would definitely be satisfied with a C cup - I reckon I am about between a A cup/B cup at the moment with the implant - it was so nice to wake up with at least something resembling a boob and not a completely flat chest. I hope your surgery goes well Trudie - please keep in touch. Best wishes and a big hug - it really isn’t that bad. Jacqui xx

There was a lady in the bed opposite mum who had a bilateral on Wednedsay and was gone by Friday lunchtime (thats the Marsden in Sutton) Mum has come out today after having hers and reconstruction done on both breasts (the good one made smaller) on Thursday, nearly five hour surgery. I don’t know about London Marsden but the Sutton one likes to get people out if there up and about and doing well as quickly as possible to reduce infection. Try not to worry mum is doing amazing and I was so surprised to see how quickly she has perked up.

Hugs xxx

Hi Trudie,

I had bilateral mx with expander implants in May. The operation took 4.5 hours and I was in hospital for 6 days (including a bank holiday). I’m now 8 weeks post op and going back to work (short days) on Monday as I have been spared rads and chemo.

I was a 34B and want to keep the same size. My surgeon expanded the implants during the operation (400 ml each size) which have ended up bigger than required so no further inflations (thanks very much). I don’t think many surgeons do this - it was good from the point of view that I had something there as soon as I came round from the op so it hardly seems I had mastectomies - but my chest was so tight I couldn’t take a deep breath until 4 weeks post op and initially would be light headed just walking across the room. I did all the exercises and most movement is back now though it’s difficult not to overdo it with bilateral as you don’t have a good side to rest the other side. One thing I would recommend is a V pillow esp if you’re used to sleeping on your side as this will be too painful for several weeks. With the V pillow I experimented and found comfortable positions eventually either half sitting up or half on my back half on my side.

Very best wishes for the op and hope the time passes until Wednesday without too much anguish.



I am almost a year down the line from bilateral mastectomy and tissue expander reconstruction. I have had my exchange, but my silicone implants are the wrong size for my frame so I’m going back in on 30 July…

Just a quick note to wish you luck for Wednesday and I hope everything goes well for you.

Feel free to private message me if you want to ask anything specific


Hi Trudie,

I am also having surgery on the 23rd Oh my God thats tomorrow!!! Yikes!!!
I have posted on the “having surgery” thread.I am having a mastectomy and an LD recon.Not in the same hospital as you but maybe we can compare notes after?They told me I would be in for a week.
Like you I want it done to get rid of it,but then again it would be great not to have to go through it.I am so scared of pain afterwards,but hopefully I will just be so glad its over.
In some ways,because I know I HAVE to have the operation it makes it a wee bit easier,if that makes sense?
I wish you all the best for tomorrow,hope to catch up afterwards,