Bilateral Mastectomy & Tissue Expansion Reconstruction


I had my results back today. I have grade 3 invasive ductal carcimonas… both breasts are affected by this and given my family history (Li Fraumeni Syndrome - p53 gene affected - my mum was a year younger than me (27 years old) when she died and my brother had leukemia etc) and the fact I have already had adrenal cancer (I was 18 months old) they have recommended a bilateral mastectomey. No faffing with chemo first, just straight in and take everything out.

I have opted for tissue expansion on both sides, as this seems to be the quickest and less painful method of reconstruction.

I was wondering how quickly some of you got the the stage where you could have the permanent implants put in? I am starting with the vitamin B complex tablets now (Surgery is booked for 22 August) yet was wondering if there was anything I could do externally (any lotions or potions for the skin on my chest etc) or anything anyone can recommend I start taking now…

I opted for surgery in mid August, as I am getting married on 11 Aug and did not want ANYTHING spoiling my big day.

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated, as I am ridiculuously frightened at the prospects of going through all this.

Many thanks for reading

Poannie x

Cannot give you any advice on your surgery but just wanted to send you every best wish for your wedding day. Don’t let the bc world blight it if you possibly can

Lots of love
Sharon x

Hi Poannie,
I am having a mastectomy with tissue expansion implant on the 31st July. The Surgeon has told me he will give me an elective mastectomy with implant on the other side in 6 months time and at that time, he will change the implant I’m about to have done for a permanent one.
Hope this helps