Bio oil alternative

Hi all

I seem to remember someone here mentioning a lower-cost alternative to Bio oil for scar treatment, possibly from Aldi? Would be grateful if anyone could provide more info. I’ve been liking the result from the bio oil, but more than the cost, I think I’m getting a bit fed up of the smell of it, lovely as it is!

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Try MyTrusty oil. Google it. I’ve used it and it’s amazing. It was developed by NHS Salisbury to treat burns. My scar recovered well using it. 

Hi there!  Aldi does a version called regen oil which I have used and it works just as well as Bio-oil.  It’s also less messy because they have a gel/cream version and a little goes a long way.  Another option I found on Amazon is Re-Gen oil and cream.  It’s about 6 or 7 quid for a 125ml bottle and 5 or 6 quid for a 125ml pot of the cream, so half the price of Bio Oil and around the same price as Aldi’s brand.  I have seen the Aldi Re-gen oil in Wilkos a couple of times too.

Hi Bookish and ALL

I used Bio-Oil myself, on my boob scars once they’d fully healed, of course. It was ME, Bookish, who mentioned a less expensive alternative, a number of months ago, on the “January Surgery” thread. Think it was to Gelbel. I’d found it purely by chance, in Poundland - “Rescue Oil”. Sorry Bio-Oil, but It claims exactly the SAME benefits as for under £2!!!, and without the strong perfume. It also claims it’s Vegan!! Ha Ha - just in case you decide you’d like to drink it orally??

What a co-incidence, that I’ve only recently mentioned the alternative again, on the other “Surgery” thread, to “pinkyfleur” for scar use. I added that I’ve also been adding it to my facial moisturising lotion with amazing results. Don’t recognise myself in the mirror any more!! Look 10 yrs younger!!   Well it DOES SAY beneficial for AGIENG skin also!!! And ALL it’s proclamations are ALL GOOD. I’m teasing about the looking 10 yrs younger! But seriously, I HAVE noticed a difference, facial skin wise too though. I used to work with skin, years ago as a Beauty Therapist. Part of my training was in Cosmetic Science, and all about skin itself, amongst other things. So I’m a bit more aware/savvy than most women, as to what rip off claims many cosmetic houses tell us from their products. Women’s search for the “eternal youth” cream is a BILLION dollar industry.

Bear that in mind, girls, next time you’re persuaded by adverts or cosmetic counter ladies, into spending £30-100 on a face cream. 

Mucho Luvvo, Delly(Delish!) xXx