Bio Oil post rads

I just wanted to share a tip with those who’ve just finished rads or are facing it in the next few weeks. I have been a fan of Bio Oil for a few years for improving the appearance of surgical scars. I stopped using it during rads, but have started again as soon as the skin reactions started to stabilise. After only a couple of weeks I am amazed that my skin is almost back to normal - the browness has really faded and itchiness soothed. My WLE and SNB scars are really improved too.

I wasn’t sure whether to recommend it as they don’t list post-rads as one of its uses on their website, but I have now found out that they do recommend it and they contribute it to the ‘Look Good Feel Better’ initiative that the cosmetics industry sponsors especially for cancer sufferers.

Just be careful - I don’t think it would be allowable for use during rads. If anyone finds out that it is, then it would be good to know.

You can buy it in most chemists and it might seem expensive, but a little goes a very long way and a bottle will last for ages.

Best wishes to all who are still in the midst of rads SEs.

E xx

My BCN recommended that I look for this product on a famous Internet book site beginning with an ‘A’ and wow it was 2/3rds of the price compared to the large chemists!
Good advice I wanted to share with you all.

Welsh girl

Welsh girl - I see what you mean about the price. The size I bought in the supermarket cost twice that!

Ann x

good post - thanks ! I have my aqueos cream for rads (start end April) but am using bio oil at the moment on my scars and I do think it is helping.

I’ve just finished Rads - thanks for the tip re Bio Oil, I’ve just ordered some and from the A internet book site, which as you say is half the cost of the supermarkets. So thanks all for that. x

Ohhhhh Bio Oil is fabulous - have not stopped using it on my boobs (boob and scar now) for a good few yrs - healed beautifully after Mx. Worth the cost!

thanks so much for this - have last rads tomorrow and start treatment with flamazine straight away, cos skin’s a bit shot, but bio-oil sounds like a great way forward once acute stage is over!
thanks a lot
monica xxx