Biopsy Result

Was told biopsy done on 16 January was inconclusive but still no letter. So phoned yesterday…Secretary took my mobile number.  8pm last night did secretary not call me. She had prepared the letter…took it home to call me out of hours because I was anxious - you dont get many people who would do that.  The letter said that the sample they took were benign. However it did not contain calcifications and it was supposed to…ave to have another biopsy done…so not so good. Appointment awaited.

BENIGN is the word you want to hear. Try not to worry. They didn’t get a sample of the right cells, so they are double checking. It’s not much different than being called back for a second smear test.


I’ve got everything crossed for you x

I am glad so far it is benign.  And to reassure you, if you don’t have calcifications that is a good thing!  I can understand what a stressful time you are having.  Also if they were at all worried you would not have been kept waiting like this.


Best wishes,