Biopsy results from lymph nodes


I’ve just come back from a recall appt with biopsies on enlarged lymph nodes (biopsied most enlarged one) aswell as breast (ultrasound showed what I can feel but not mammogram) 

getting results in a week will that show type of cancer (my mum had her2 positive) and also likelihood of it being in all lymph nodes/beyond or is that only through further tests/ scans ? 

Hi welcome to the forum . It’s such a long time since my op that Im not 100 % how things work now , but I got information in dribs and drabs over a few weeks , the HER2 test got sent somewhere different to the test for hormone status and I didn’t get it back till after my op . I think they can take an educated guess re what’s happening with your lymph nodes from scans / biopsy but until you have surgery to remove and test them they don’t know for sure how many are affected .You could ask about this in the Ask the Nurses section too ?