Biopsy results


how long have people been waiting on biopsy results in nhs Lothian or Scotland area. It’s been 3 weeks since mine. I know 3 weeks isn’t a long time but I just feel like I’m waiting for a phone call and looking at my phone everyday. 

im 27 and had a small non-movable lump near my chest wall, top right of my breast. It’s hard. They said it’s probably a Fibroadenoma but biopsies will confirm. I was told about 2 weeks to hear back. I’m assuming (hopefully) my results aren’t bad if they haven’t got I touch yet. 


I can’t comment on your region but the wait can be agony. I think you are right to assume you’d have heard by now if it were something more sinister. They know by the feel of a lump what it’s likely to be so, if they have suggested fibroadenoma, then go with that. They may still want to remove it so it’s not a vulnerable area later on but it’s simple surgery - mine was removed in a morning clinic. At 1pm we were turfed out of our beds, still reeling from GA, to make room for men’s backs! 

Do you have a number for the breast care nurses? It might be worth giving them a ring. Fingers crossed x