Biopsy results

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I am sure I have seen this asked before but do have difficulty searching site, can I ask for copy of biopsy results?
Also because my consultant and oncologists were both on holiday when I was due to see them I saw other members of the team. What else can I as to have copies of, I was suppose to have a copy letter that was sent to my doctor but never got one so I asked for that also I was referred to Brum for operation but nothing came of that any suggestions greatly appreciated ( secondary cancer in chest wall) can’t find out on web much about this the consultant said only seen twice in 5 years. Anyone had/has it? Advice please.

Buried my head in sand first time just got on with it - this time Need a lot more knowledge need to be more positive Sadie L is my inspiration.

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Oh Jo, just seen this and you have made my day!! THANKYOU.

You are entitled to a copy of all your case notes. You have to ask in writing nd may have to pay for photocopying. However i just ask my Onc or Reg nd they pop out nd print off reports etc without the formalities!!

Hope that helps!!

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Sadie, have emailed you

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Ps is your reg that short foreign one ?..