Biopsy results

It’s agony sitting waiting. I was told I’d get a phone call last night or today with my test results. Is it the longer I wait the better the news or the longer the wait the worse the news will be. Should I ring them?

Jan53,where abouts do you live?. Yes our drop in cancer centre is really good,its run by entirelly voulenteers,this group has a voulenteer called Polly (one of founders of the group) she has just received the British Empire Medal (BEM)this medal is equal to the MBE for an individual,the center also received the queens award for voluntary service. They make you feel so welcome.i had my biopsiess back last october. Please message again if you have any questions

Sailed_penguin I live in Northumberland. The nearest I could find was a good 45 min drive away on a busy road, so that’s a no no for me.

Hi Britbox, nothing yet I’m afraid xx

I rang them yesterday to be told they weren’t back yet. I’m scared to think no news is good news! !

Consultants secretary’s just rang, I’ve to go and see him 11.30 tomorrow. Now I’m dreading it!

LOL!!! You’re certainly cheering me up. The phone rang not long ago, consultants Secretary with app for tomorrow. Not sure if that’s good or bad! Really scared now!

I’m so glad I met you Britbox, you are so funny. I’ll try not to wet myself, & if I do I’ll have my tena lady on :slight_smile:

LMAO!!! xxxx

Well it’s better news than I thought. I’ve a grade 2 non aggressive tumor, which means it’s small and he’s hoping I can have alumpectomy. But I’ll have an mri to make sure there isn’t any residual small little bits. If there is I’ll have a mastectomy, but that’s the worst case scenario. I’ll probably have radiotherapy and tablets. I’m well chuffed if you can be chuffed having cancer :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Hi poemsgalore my consultatant said mine is 1.8cm grade 2 non aggressive.

Good luck today Britbox, I’ll be thinking of you. Let me know what happens x♥x♥