Biopsy time frame/waiting period?

Hello everyone and Happy New Year xx

I’m 32, and last Wednesday evening felt an itch underneath my right breasts. I touched it and felt a raised area which was basically an open area of skin, sloughy base and very red and inflamed skin surrounding. I immediately spoke to a doctor via a distance service and was prescribed antibiotics. The next morning I went to see my NHS GP whom examined me and found a 2cm x 4cm lump. It may not be related to the sore as it isn’t close. I have very very large breasts so it is extremely difficult to tell how long the lump has been there as my breasts are very lumpy to begin with. Also, to see the sore I have to lift my breast and look in the mirror so it’s possible I may have not noticed it for some time.

I was referred the breast clinic on an urgent basis. My appointment is tomorrow evening. I expect to have an ultrasound and probably a biopsy.

How long do biopsy results take to come back?

I Know each hospital will be different but am hoping to gain a rough idea. Thanks in advance for any advice x

Hi Scared

sorry that you havent received a response yet, but you may get more replies if you posted in the waiting for results area of the Forum.

Please do post there if you feel able, there will be others in a similar position as you posting in this area.

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