Hello everyone

Im very new to this and at the momment I’m very confused and numb… I had a breast reduction on the 7th May that I paid private for and abnormal cells were found in the tissue taken away. The histology report was lobular hyperplasia and no cancer found

on being referred to breast clinic a few weeks ago they were happy with me but arranged a mammogram for yesterday… a suspicious area shown up and I’m going back next week for biopsy … I’m absolutely terrified and am thinking the worse … I won’t get results until the following week - I feel scared as I wasn’t expecting this at all …my partner has been fighting lymphoma for the last 18 months and isn’t good at all … so I feel lost and very low

the wait is going to be hell …thank you for listening x

Hi, I’m sorry you are going through such an anxious time, I know it’s really hard not to worry but it could all still be absolutely fine. 

Have you had a mammogram before? Often initial ones may show up something that although may be perfectly normal but with nothing to compare it with it needs further investigations.


Try not to over think easier , said than done I know but it will just make an anxious time so much worse X  Jo 

Yes I’ve had a mammogram before but because of recent breast reduction they can’t compare it
There is a suspicious area that needs biopsy … I do go next week but I’m just literally a mess
Thank you for replying x