Birads 4/5 and MRI referral

Hello- I found a lump and had an urgent referral which after an ultrasound, mammogram and biopsy I was told it’s 4/5 birads. Mainly due to its irregular appearance. I’ve also been referred for an MRI. I was a bit shell shocked (I’m 39) so perhaps didn’t ask all the questions I wanted to. Has snyin had any experience of this sort of diagnosis? I’d rather prepare for the worst then have a nice surprise than be shocked all over again!
What else might it be? The radiologist said that whatever it turns out to be she’ll probably recommend its ‘whipped out’ either way.
Thank you.
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Hi Lmc,
It is always such a worry when going through this & the uncertainty when waiting is an absolute pain.
I don’t know what 4/5 birads refers to, but possibly one of the other ladies will be able to advise.
It’s good they are being thorough & sending you for an mri, as this is a better investigation for younger women, so they will get to the bottom of it. There are certainly other things it can be, generally speaking, bc would be the least likely outcome.
It can help with the wait, by keeping busy & carrying on as normal & as we say a lot on here, googling only makes anxiety worse, so is best avoided as it changes nothing.
Do use the main bcc site here if you need info.
If you want to, do let us know how you get on.
ann x

Thanks Ann. I really really appreciate you replying. I’m afraid I did google the birads score and 4 is ok (from 20-95%) but 5 is when there is a high suspicion of cancer with a 95% chance. Obviously I’m worried (I have two small daughters) but still feeling positive. X

hi Lmc,
Well, thank goodness it is now being sorted out for you.
Even if on the off chance it is bc, then treatment is excellent now, so it will get dealt with.
ann x

Thank you. I feel like if it is cancer, it’s likely very very early days so no doubt will be all over and done with quickly. I think as you said it’s the waiting, and uncertainty which is incredibly frustrating. I just want to know! Thanks again and have a lovely evening. X

Got my appointment through for Thursday. The letter also marked the tests as P3 R3 U5. With some calcification. From what I can find online (I know I know) it looks like it could be cancer so has anyone had these test markings before and it not turned out to be malignant?? I’m driving myself insane! Lx

I know. I’m so not good at not being in control of everything! It’s driving me insane! Thank you so much for your reply. It’s really nice to know there is someone ‘out there’ xx

Ann- my biopsy came back benign- hooray! Although the radiologist still isn’t happy to discharge me so I have to have a vacuum biopsy and ultrasound on my other breast. Good they are being thorough. Thanks for your support. The waiting and not knowing is the worst part for sure! X

That’s fab news LMc!
As you say, it’s good they’re being thorough, so when you’re through this, you will be confident in the outcome.
I was told that they will always get to the bottom of it, before letting you go.
As it turned out, mine was a small early bc, but highly treatable & now dealt with. So getting a diagnosis is certainly not the end of the world either.
You’re right, it is the unknown which is hard to handle.
ann x