Birads 5, biopsy negative, radiologist is sure it is cancer and wanted to do another biopsy.


I am new to this forum and just trying to offload some worries and share my experience at the same time. I am 41 yo, had my screening mammo last year, heterogenously dense, normal mammo but had bloody dischage from left nipple after mammo compression so advised to do diagnostic mammo and ultrasound. I held off my second mammo and ultrasound because at that time I was diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer but thank God it was caught early and everything was clear after hysterectomy (uterus removed but still got ovaries). Few months later, a friend was diagnosed with stage 2 bc, she is only 36. So I decided to schedule my diagnostic mammo and ultrasound. Radiologist tried to find the possible cause of the bloody discharge but did not find any, instead, he found a lump under my axilla about 1.2 cm, it was deep in the axilla that it’s not even palpable. He was very suspiscious. I agreed to do biopsy on the same day. In less than a week the result came back it was negative which was relayed to me by my physician. I was relieved and so happy. 2 days later, phycisian called me back saying they need a repeat biopsy because the radiologist called him and that it is Discordant, meaning radiologic findings did not agree with histopathologic findings. My anxiety level went up above the ceiling. I was referred to a surgeon and discussed the possible outcomes. I am scheduled to do repeat biopsy next week and MRI as well. I am keeping my faith just as I kept my faith when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I keep telling myself what are the chances that I belong to the 2% of 1000 patients that needed a repeat biopsy, I must be really special. I know God does not give challenges to people that they can not handle. I am still holding on to my hope that it is still negative or if it really is cancer, I am keeping my hopes up that it is early. 

Hi yenats,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forum. We hope you are finding it helpful.

I am sorry to see that you are worried about your repeat biopsy and MRI next week.

If you ever need to talk to someone who understands, please remember that our breast care nurses are here and happy to talk things through.

Sending you our warmest wishes,