Bisphosphonates, Letrozole and teeth

Hi ladies

Not sure whether this would help anyone taking bisphosphonates alongside hormone treatment with one of the concerns of bisphosphonates is osteocronosis of the jaw and the need for good dental care is a must.

My gums are not so good so I tried one of those Waterpiks, used it for nearly 3 months and at my latest check up (I have to go 3 monthly) my dentist said there had been a big improvement in my gum health ?‍♀️, my sensitivity has reduced and I needed very little in the way of a scale and polish, such a relief as I find them rather painful. My dentist said the waterpik won’t hurt my gums so I am going to continue, anything that helps is welcome to me. Better gums, better teeth means less cavaties or any other work needed so hopefully lower risk of osreocronosis.

Joemic x ?

Hey hey how are you? Im on lethzole and denasaub can i ask what these waterpiks you talk about as im interested x

The consequences of regular food stuck between the teeth are, first of all, discomfort for the patient, bad breath, the development of caries and its complications, inflammation of the gums at the place where food is stuck. The basis of your dental health is the prevention of dental diseases. Dentists recommend having a routine check-up every 6 months. Another important factor affecting dental health is high-quality oral hygiene at home and the obligatory performance of a professional oral hygiene service in the chair at Dental Crowns & Bridges every 6 months.