Bisphosphonates stopped my hot flushes!

I recently had my first infusion of Zelodronic Acid (Zometa) and had some side effects in the following 24-48 hours. I felt chilled to the core and unable to get warm and I felt bruised all over, I had chest pains, strange smelling urine, constipation and lots of wind! The most curious thing, however, is that it stopped my previously debilitating hot flushes! My hot flushes are normally hourly and severe, I never get a good night’s sleep. In the four days after the infusion I only had a handful of mild flushes. Sadly they are now gradually coming back after a week but not yet as often or as severe. I have googled to see if I can find any connection but I haven’t found anything. At least now I can look forward to a good night’s sleep every 6 months and fingers crossed I get to keep my teeth!!
Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience or heard of this phenomenon?


That’s great re hot flushes! I have no experience of this but am having this treatment after chemo, radio and herceptin injections. I was just wondering how it was given? Hopefully not a picc line in for 3 years! Good luck to you going forward! Will this be the end of your treatment?

Hi, I had an infusion in hospital that took 15mins ( I will have it every 6 months for 3 years) but there are other ways to administer it including oral tablets. I’m also on Letrozole for 5 - 7 years. I’m really not sure where people draw a line that counts as end of treatment. If we count daily meds I am a long way off. I wish you all the best with yours x

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Yes it can seem like forever… My bone infusions are also for 3 years so I guess that will be the date in my head. Hopefully as only every 6 months, we can almost forget about it! Is it via a cannula rather than picc line? Good luck to you too! :muscle: :heart: :blush:

Yes via canula x

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