The oncologist has recommended that my mum is given bisphosphonates as she has secondary breast cancer in her bones (in many places). She is already on Tamxoifen and has had some radiotheraphy to one of the areas that was causing lots of pain.

Can anyone share there experiences of having bisposphonates? I understand that you can have them in tablet form or intravenous and we are waiting to se what her GP will offer.


Hello J, I was diagnosed with bone mets 4 years ago (I’m in my 40’s) and have been on bisphosphonates ever since my diagnosis. I am able to lead a normal life, my bones are strong and pain free…I was diagnosed when my hip fractured (I’m fine now)
For the first couple of years I had Pamidronate infusions, only the first ever infusion made me feel flu like the next day all other infusions were symptom free but after so many infusions I was having vein problems with cannulas so changed to tablets. I follow the instructions on the leaflet to the letter and I’ve found the tablets completely trouble free.
Wishing your Mum all the best with her treatment.

Hello J

I had my first infusion of Zolendronate last Friday and felt like I had a bad dose of flu with aching bones and headache the next day, I just stayed warm in bed and was ok afterwards. Apparently, I should be ok from hereon.

Good luck to your mum.

Hi J,

I had my first IV bisphosphonate in November and felt very achy all over for three days and had my second one at the beginning of this month and was fine. I am greatly encouraged listening to the experiences of other women on this site who are a number of years down the road and are living a normal life. It is all a bit hectic when you are first diagnosed and you don’t know what to expect and are scared about the future but I have found it really reassuring to listen to the advice of others people living with secondary cancer.

All the best to you and your mum

Angie xx

Hi J

I had my 4th bisphosphonates iv yesterday - and feel fine.
Had a few side effects eg flu-like symptoms after the 1st one - I too am greatly encouraged by the experiences of others on this site.

It certainly is an emotional roller-coaster ride - just take each day as it comes.

Best wishes to you both

Anne xx

whilst having chemo i had my bisphosphonates in an IV form as it was easier. Suffered from flu like sypmtoms afterwards but this did not last for long
After chemo had finished oncologist thought my veins could do with a break so put me on to the tablet form. Have not had any side effects what so ever on this type


I’ve been on pamidronate for the past 3 years with no side effects except for the flu like symptoms after my first infusion. When I mentioned this to the nurse she said it was because I hadn’t drunk enough water during my treatment (whether this is true or not I don’t know) but I always drink at least a litre of water during my session now and haven’t had any problems since then.

My veins are shot as well (after 3 different types of chemo) but have a portacath now which makes it so much easier.


Thanks for all the information. It sounds like she the GP has recommended having it in IV form and should happen in a weeks time.

Hi J2007

I thought you might find it useful to read the Breast Cancer Care fact sheet on bisphosphonates so I have posted the link below:-

I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards

BCC facilitator


I’m writing on behalf of my mum. We were just wondering if anyone has experienced general all over itching with bisphosphonates as mum has had her second injection of zoledronic acid on Tues and she has been itching for a couple of days.

Best wishes to all!

Nipper x

I have had all over itching but it was before the bisphosphonates. I actually had treatment on Thursday and had flu like symptoms and was also sick. I have been told this is how you can feel on the first treatment.