Bit gutted- first truncal, then chest!!

Hi all,
I had bc and right sided mx 2004. All was well, until I had a recon(and 2nd prohylactic mx)with expanders IN 2006.
A few months later developed truncal lymphodema but seemed to stay under control. Then developed heavy, achy arm about 18 mths ago and noticed sleeves seemed a bit tight. Mild LD in right arm DX September last year.
Now, have noticed tightness across chest for past few months. Saw LD nurse today for some MLD who thinks poss lymphodema there in chest now, but frightened me by saying that she was worried and the swelling should be checked out asap"just in case" and to be sure nothing else like reoccurrance causing problem.
So frantic phone call to BCN (only spoke to her a few days ago to ask her for advice on prostheses as having discomfort!) and was seen in clinic this p.m.
True to form, I burst into tears (AGAIN, always do, even though 7 years from dx!). Consultant looked a bit fed up to see me in there (AGAIN- last appt there only 4 months ago)+ said all looks OK, “just lymphodema, probably”.
Came out feeling stupid, gutted that this is now in 3 areas, and then made myself look even more stupid by bursting into tears again when BCN came round corner!!
feel ga bit gutted by this, and really embarrassed I got so upset.Didn’t realise it can cause such a lot of discomfort reallyXXX