bit of advice

hi,going for app today for results of deep core biopsy already been told i have bc at last app which was at a one stop clinic what should i expect today best to be prepared if poss that way i wont go to pieces again also I know this might be a bit naive but if its definately a lumpectomy ive to get and then say 20 rads how long will i need to be off work,i love my job and its agreat laugh.

I had lumpectomy at end of Jan and took 2 weeks off work - I then had the odd day off for appointments and a week off for intense physio to prepare me for rads planning - I was not given exercises at the start so make sure whatever you get you do them.
I then went on for 29 rads sessions but arranged them so that they were late afternoon - went to work as normal but just left early.

Does get tiring - especially if you ahve a long journey to the hospital ( I was between an hour and 90 mins depending on traffic). My job is desk based and the people I work with are brilliant so it was easy for me to come in to work. Soem stuff I found hard going - like inputting piles of invoices into the PC but I just did little bits of each thing at a time and not let a ‘batch’ become a mountain.

Don’t push yourself too hard tho - if you need to be off for the duration of your treatment then do so. I came back mainly cos I was sick of being stuck in the house all day on my own.

thats reasuring i work in a premier stores 3 afts and i was worried i would be off for duration,ive always found it cheers me up to be in there and its just round corner from my house,i only serve at counter and read magazines so i think i would try and keep going during rads but would be realistic if it wasnt working out also have 4 cleaning jobs that i get to by bike so given them up,and im in pta, parent council,and helper at junior church so think i could still do those,i would go mad being in the house.

Just be careful about lifting for a while when you are in the shop, and also watch out for the tiredness … mine used to creep up on me and then wham - like I’d been hit by a falling wall! On more than one occassion my son (18yr old) would come in from work and fine me either flat out on the sofa or tucked up in bed for an hour … easy for me to do this as there is only he & I in our house and he was more than capable of doing his own dinner … shame he left the dishes, dinner he does, miracles he doesn’t.