Bit worried

Hi everyone

Have read a few of the comments here and not really sure if I should be here or not. I have a lump, or sort of. My husband really spotted it and, bless him, waited until the morning of when I was due to see the doc on another issue - anaemia having been spotted when I’d tried to give blood - to tell me. The Doc could sort of feel a lumpiness and said to come back in couple of weeks when the blood results were due back. Thats next Monday. In the meantime I’ve felt the odd strange sensation - like the ‘let down’ feeling when you’re breast feeding and have noticed that the breast on that side now fills my bra better so has obvioulsy got a bit bigger. Other than that I can just feel a slight thickening. Not sure if I should be going into mega panic or just not worry . Have 2 small children - 3 and 2 - so the thought of anything going wrong at this point is truly terrifying. Sorry to go on at length, but can anyone reassure me at all? The literature I’ve read all sees to point to the more subtle the change the more likely it is to be truly scary!!!

Just to let you know I am here.Only tests will show if you have bc but if you have there is loads of treatment and you will find support and comradeship on here.We share your fears we have all been there.Love vx

Thanks Horace

Silly to get too wound up too soon, but the friends I’ve spoken to so far have all taken the ‘its probably nothing, don’t worry’ line. Which is probably true but you do sort of need to worry and think through whats going to happen if it isbad news. Will try to keep a lid on it unitl after I see a consultant (anm going to bully the GP into at least that now as I’ll never settle if he triies to tell me its nowt!)

Hi madmum

I’ve been reading the posts on here for a few weeks now while I’ve waited for my appointments, the advice most ladies seem to give is try not to read up too much as too much information can make things worse, worthy advise I think. I don’t think you can control the “worry” part of your brain it just takes over, but remind yourself that 9 out of 10 lumps turn out to be harmless, but if it concerns you that much try for an earlier appointment. In the mean time the ladies on here are ever helpful even if it’s just to have a moan ( like I do! ) , and show you that even if it turns out to be the worst it’s not the end of the world something can be done. Take care for now and good luck x


Sounds more like blocked ducts but fingers crossed for you


It is a worrying time and try as you might to put it out of your mind and believe all will be ok it’s very difficult not to worry.
This is certainly worth getting checked out as not all breast cancers present with a lump but also it’s worth bearing in mind that, as varmint said, 9 out of 10 are not cancer.
Good luck, let us know how you get on.
Claire x

Thanks everyone - I really appreciate the support - my husband is not bad as they go and my mates are pretty good, but none of them sort of get the needing to discuss the worst case scenario. I know that in all probability (I’m a mathematician for gods sake!) Im okay but as an extremely logical person (spock should have been my middle name) I need to think everything through and make my own assessments - someone just saying “it will probably be alright” just don’t do it for me, even if they are right.

Anyway, I’m off to the doc on Monday and will make him refer me even if he doesn’t want to - at this stage I “know” somethings changed so needs a check and I wouldn’t rest easy utiil its properly checked - theres the scientists at work for you!!!

Will let you all know the outcome and in the meantime, all of you out there, just keep on smiling., Sounds trite, but it does actually make you feel better.


Just a thought - is this ‘let down’ feeling normal? I’ve found a few folk whohave repored it??? Just seems weird,

Thanks Andy

Andy I had lobular bc, no lump as such - a large thickened area with an orange peel appearance and distorted nipple. One of the things that drew my attention to it was a strange sort of ‘drawing’ pain…btw this all seemed to appear overnight, one day all was normal and the next it wasn’t…I kept thinking to myself how have I missed this?
I’m the same as you, being told that all will be ok isn’t helpful, I prepared myself by thinking worst case scenario…
Anyway take care.
Claire x

Hi Everyone

Not been on for a while 'cos I went to see a consutant who said that everything felt fine and he was as sure as he could be that I was fine. Then just at the end said, ‘lets dot the i’s and cross the t’s and have a scan done just to be 100% sure’ So off I went yesterday confident everything would be fine (so confident I went with my 2 year old in tow) only for the ultrasound to pick up not only the thickening that me and hubby had been banging on about but also an inflamed lymph node. So one syringed lymph node and 3 FNAs (I think it was difficult to ‘hit’ it) later I’m now rather sore waiting on the results. No follow up appoitment as yet as we all knew it would be fine… The Doc was pretty straight with me and said ‘at the moent we have a lump that needs investingating anf thats what we’re doing’ He also said it was very small.

I’m not too wound up at the moment, though I’m pretty sure its not a cst or a ‘mouse’ but will just ahve to wait and see. thank God for BUPA is all I can say.

Hi Everyone

Just got back from the docs - I have got a tumour but a very small early one - DCIS , 10mm, Grade 1 so not too bad. the lymph node was clear but he did warn us thatit could be a false negative and they’ll have to take some other nodes during surgery and test those to be sure. Having a full mascectomy on Monday - he did offer a partial, but as I’m anA cup anyway, by the time you’ve done a partial there ain’t going o be much left anyway and I’d then have to have radiotherapy and have the worry of recurrence whereas as a ful one just gets the whole thing gone and be done with it. Would be different if I was 21 not 41 I suppose.

Bearing up okay, just glad we have some answers and are sorting things out to be honest.

Hi Andy

I am sorry to read of your recent diagnosis. As well as the support you are receiving from you fellow forum users you may find BCC’s resource pack helpful, it has been designed for those newly diagnosed and contains a lot of useful information . The pack is free of charge as are all our publications. If you would like a copy just follow the link below:

I hope this is of some help to you.

Kind regards

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