Bit worried!

Hi, I had 2 small lumps removed about 20 years ago, they turned out to be cysts and were in a central position. I have had an ache at the top of my right breast for a few months now and kept putting off seeing the doctor thinking it would go, it didnt, and with pressure from my family finally went to the doctors, she said I have a large lump there and a similar one on the other side which is larger, I didnt know it was there! The lumps are almost under my arm at the top of my breast, got to admit I’m slightly worried after googling it! NEVER DO THAT I hear you all shout! I know it’s the worst possible thing to do! Anyway according to Google I need to worry :frowning: the doctor has referred me to the hospital and apparently ill be seen within 2 weeks! 2 weeks?? Do they know how long that is when you have something like this hanging over you! my nan died of breast cancer at a young age but my mum is nearly 70 and has had no signs! I am not expecting u all to make me feel better, u are probably in the same boat or worse! im just looking for an idea of what to expect?! I’m a ‘glass half full’ kind of person… Thing is, the glass is feeling quite empty at the moment. Just need to know what I’m dealing with, the ‘not knowing’ is awful! I a single mum with teenagers, I can handle anything! Haha! I just need to know!!! Thank you in advance ladies! XXX

On the bench is the worst place to be I’ve been there too you will replay scenarios in your head that’s natural and you’ve made the right decision in coming here writing things down often makes you feel better so visit often with any worries you may have and you’re right I’m gonna say stay away from Google!!! Stick to this site and the macmillan one both are a very good source of reliable info you will feel back in control once you know what you’re dealing with wishing you all the very best and stay positive love louisex

Dear Jakki.w

Welcome to the BCC forum where I’m sure you will find lots of support from fellow members.

You could also give our helpline a call for support and information. They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000

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Haha, Dr Google! Who, seriously, doesn’t consult him! :slight_smile:

Me: “No, YOU told me not to Google any more - I never agreed!” :wink:

In my defence, I do concentrate on the scholarly articles, but the bottom line is you have to know that much of the stuff is out-dated, exaggerated or just plain doesn’t apply to your own case, and until you get all your tests and pathology back, you cannot really know what you are dealing with.
Then, when you do, and you start the rollercoaster of treatment, a certain laissez-faire sets in, because the plan kind of carries you along! Your doctors deal with this as a depressingly regular routine, and they pretty much know what they’re doing! So yes, inform yourself. Ask questions, and get your reports and have them explain the details to you. They often won’t offer all the information for fear of overloading you, but they will normally answer any questions honestly and to the best of their ability.

I often feel the battle, as such, is between the doctors and the cancer, with us as the battlefield! Our role is to keep going, let them do their job, and trust them to get it right. Look after your body, eat well as you can, exercise daily, and rest when you need. It’s tough, but so are we!

I AM WOMAN - HEAR ME ROAR!! :smiley:

Ps: Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t be surprised how up and down you will feel. It’s not called a rollercoaster for nothing!

Hi, just wanted to reassure you that the 2 weeks timescale is standard practice, in England at least. And as everyone else says, things do get moving pretty quickly once you’re in the system. Yes, the waiting game is the worst part but once you know what you’re dealing with (or even better that there’s nothing to deal with) it helps. Good luck, you’ll get plenty of support on here cos we’ve all been there :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much! I wasn’t expecting so many responses! Its a kind of ‘limbo’ time isn’t it, I am going to see my son who lives in Gran Canaria on the 1st June (a week on Saturday) for a week then I have a ‘teambuilding’ Sailing trip for 4 days from the 11th with work. All this has been planned for months but if my appointment comes through and is over these dates I think I will have to stay here and attend the appointment. You are right, I could be worrying about nothing but until I know I can’t really enjoy anything at all. I am running the Race for Life again this year (i hope) and that is on the 16th June. I have so much planned, this cannot happen now, I won’t let it! Thanks again ladies, you are all WONDERFUL!!! XXX

Just a quick question…does anyone know if I will find anything out on the day of my appointment? Or will it just be tests then wait weeks for the outcome? Its only been 3 days but already I find myself watching for the post! XX

Some places do everything in one day- and some have a mammogram/ultrasound followed by biopsy on a different day if necessary. You will have to wait for results of any biopsy though, which is usually about a week. Good luck

Hi Jakkii.
first, I never google. Only use this website or Macmillan for info!
Second, I was referred to breast clinic By GP on a Thursday, the clinic rang me on the Friday morning and I was in there on the Monday. My local hospital (Wycombe) has a one stop breast shop. I had mammogram which didnt show the lump and then scan which did, in fact it found two lumps. the scan doctor did 6 core biopsies and half an hour later the breast consultant at outpatients confirmed cAncer and said operation would be booked. That was the longest wait as I was desperate to get rid of the aliens!
i really hope you don’t have to wait too long. When you do go, please take someone. I went on my own…I was busy kidding myself it was nothing to worry about…!
All our cases are so diffeRent. I hope your findings are the best,eg harmless cysts.
keep busy, surround yourself with family anod friends,
thinking of you

Reading all your posts makes me feel like a fraud, what right do I have to be so worried…yet. You ladies must be going through hell yet still find the time to comfort others, including myself. Thank you XX
JackieBee, im near Bournemouth and I believe Bournemouth Hospital has a Breast Cancer Clinic although I suppose it depends on how busy they are…
Rachel, thanks for your post, I really feel for you, thats got to be everyones worst nightmare! and to do it alone too! Unfortunately I took my 15 year old daughter to the doctors with me and because I had put it off for so long she threatened to ‘make a scene’ if I didn’t let her come in with me, wish I hadn’t now. I will not tell my family about the appointment, they have been through enough just with the referral! My youngest daughter has exams in June and my eldest daughter is finishing her A levels at college before going to Uni, there may be no need to worry so why would I put them through that. I will take a friend and then discuss it with the family when I have a clearer idea of what i’m dealing with (hopefully nothing!) For now, im playing it down, telling them the doctor is just covering herself and being cautious. As I previously said I had 2 small lumps removed 20 years ago, pea sized and centrally placed, they were cysts, nothing like I have now. I also had a Hysterectomy 6 years ago because of recurrent abnormal smears, even after Heat/Laser treatment they kept coming back so we opted to take it all out!
Anyway thanks again to everyone, it seems so much easier to write on here how I feel than actually speak to anyone…

Hi again, I agree about keeping it from the children until you know exactly what is going on. But as soon as you do know, you must tell them either way, the Macmillan nurse is keen on teens and older ones being kept informed. My son is 21.
Thanks for the sympathy, I had a hard time at the beginning but now I am alien free and on chemo so I am positive again. And I like it! I am looking it like a job… My new temporary job is .fighter at beating cancer but next year, I will go back to work to my proper job which I love love love!
Good luck for getting an appointment soon! I love your area. My twin brother lives in parkstone and has a beach hut at alum chime. Fab beach!
Rachel x

Rachel, thats great news! Congratulations!! Parkstone in Poole is lovely and Alum Chine is gorgeous! Those beach huts cost as much as a house!!! We walk our dogs that way sometimes (out of season) as well as Highcliffe/Christchurch/Mudeford, the whole coastline is lovely! Well done rachel, you’re an inspiration! Much love XXX

Thanks! How kind! I only had one chemo so far but it was ok!
By the way, I hate to spoil your imagination but Pete rents his beach hut from the council. He had been on waiting list for about ten years! He has lived in Poole area for 25 years.
I feel your spirit has improved since your first post on here. Well done you and keep it up.

Just had a call from the hospital, next Wednesday at 10.15am! XXX

hinJakki , so pleased you have a date now. So, now enjoy the bank holiday weekend as there is nothing you can do until Wednesday. surround yourself with people who love you. Eat, drink and be merry.
worrying is a waste of a good imagination…!!
love Rwchel x

The consultant said he didn’t think it was anything to worry about but gave me a Mammogram to be sure, there is no one to look at the results till Monday so I won’t hear till then. thanks again for all your support. Ill be in Gran Canaria on Saturday for a week, really wanted to know before then. Hey Ho! XXX