Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet It is a year today that i found out i had BC.At 7 pm tonight to be exact.
Its been the worse year of my life.
I have , and my family, gone to hell and back and now feel as though i have come through the other side of the tunnel.
I am still terrified of getting secondaries, everyday i have a feel half expecting to find something. But these feelings are abit less intense i suppose and would give almost anything to be able to be normal again without the fear and mental scars.
I am getting on with my life, we have sold our house and bought another one and am excited at planning the move and hubby being able to come home instead of having to work away in Germany.
To top it all, MY HAIR IS GROWING BACK !!! can you believe it. After finishing chemo 7 months ago (feels like yesterday) , a week ago it started sprouting and its growing really quick! cant bloody well beieve it - thrilled.

It’s all downhill from here… Pineapple

Just wanted to say congratulations on getting that first horrible year out of the way. You will still have ups and downs but it sounds like you are being really positive and getting on with your life.

Big pat on the back.

(Dx 11 March 2005, 10.05am)

So pleased for you! Having followed your postings over the past months, I’m delighted to hear that your hair is growing back at last! Such good news - no wonder you are thrilled!

Very best wishes

So pleased for you Pineapple - as soon as I read your name at the top of the post I thought, oh that’s the lady whose hair never grew back after chemo, I AM SO PLEASED for you that it is now is growing back! Surprised how much of a kick this has given me, lovely to hear good news, wish you well for the rest of your (BC Free) life!

Sorry timetraveller Sorry I used the same heading as you timetraveller - had posted before I noticed. Should have put ‘So pleased too!’ :slight_smile:

Thanks Thanks , i hope it grows back enough not to have to wear scarves - it started just the other week after a friend of mine (an aromatherapist) told me to use olive oil and put some rosemary oil in it - i am not exagerating but 3 days later all this dark hair started sprouting. I am gratefull to be alive and healthy and hairs not important but its made me happy!!

Like the other posts I am so pleased that your hair is finally growing back! I hated losing mine. I took the herb horsetail as I read that it helps stimulate the kidneys and your hair growth depends on how well your kidneys are working - I don’t know if it is true or not but I would of tried almost anything to get it growing faster! Once it starts it seems to grow quite fast - I had my last chemo Aug 05 and it is now at my shoulders around the side and the back - only another 12 inches to go!

Take care

well done Well done Pineapple
Its very difficult getting back to ‘normal’ in fact ‘normal’ now is a whole lot different that it used to be!!!
I can’t quite get my head around the ‘what if’ element at the moment - 1 year on - chemo finished feb - now on Herceptin for 1 year - preventative so they tell me! - I’m actually having counselling through the NHS (work at a GP surgery) - its helping a lot but I’m still very afraid too of the dreaded return - I’m sure it’ll get better with time - at least that’s what Im’ hoping for.

Keep your chin up - this website really helps
Love clemy

to pineapple Great news about your hair…as mine came back so fast I was really feeling for you.Am really,really pleased for you.

hair today Hi Pineapple,

Great news about your hair finealy starting to grow back,luv Bluebell.

Great news So glad to hear about your hair, pineapple, after all your worry about it not growing back. Enjoy watching it grow.

Kathy xxx

So pleased for you pineapple.