Black Bruise on Breast

I am a 45 year old female, living in the United States (Alabama).

I woke up 6 days ago with a fairly large black, perfectly round bruise on my right breast, about an inch under my nipple/areola. It was perfectly round and almost looked like someone drew it on with a black marker. There were no lumps or pain. Just this black bruise that was not there the night before. I did not injure myself in any way to cause such a bruise.

Today, the bruise has turned dark purple, and the edges are a little distorted with a green/yellowish color around it - just like a bruise that is healing.

Today I went to the dr. and will have a mammogram/ultrasound on Monday. My last mammogram was in Aug 08 and all was normal. I was told today that it is definitely a very deep bruise. But it came up overnight, out of nowhere! And it does not hurt at all. There are no indentations.

I have fibrocystic breast disease (lumpy breasts). When I was examined by the dr. she said there is a “change” in the lumpiness next to the bruise. She feels more small lumps in that area.

I feel so scared and upset! I have to wait until Tuesday (at least) to find out the results of the mammogram and ultrasound. I know it’s good that I had a clear mammogram 5 months ago, but this is all very disturbing to me.

Has anyone else ever had a black bruise just show up on their breast like this? I’m very worried.

Thank you all,

Sorry Shelley, no experience of anything like that, but good luck for the Mammo on Monday and all best wishes foe a good result.

Just want to add my best wishes for Tuesday too, so sorry you have this worry,
Jackie x

Thank you Alloway and Mabel. I had my mammo on Monday and the radiologist said everything looked completely normal. He said I did not need an ultrasound. They gave me an “all clear” for another year. The bruise is healing and looks a lot better.

I’ve known so many women, of all ages, who are or have been battling breast cancer. I want to see my boys graduate from college. I want to know my grandchildren.

ANYTHING abnormal concerning our breasts should always be checked out - our breasts are nothing to ever ignore. Many times, there’s much that can be done, treatment wise, if things are caught early.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you again, and thank you for this wonderful and informative site. It gave me great comfort during an extremely stressful time in my life.