Blackhead like rash post radiotherapy

It’s been almost three weeks since I completed my radiotherapy. As expected, the skin stings, and has darkened significantly. But since yesterday I noticed several spots similar to blackheads(some slightly larger) along the scar line and also scattered in the affected area. A bit concerned about it. Did any of you have similar reactions and did you do anything for it? Thanks

I think I got a bit of a raised rash after radiotherapy like a heat rash . My skin didn’t like radiotherapy at all and the skin broke down under my boob and got infected and needed antibiotic cream . Might be worth ringing your breast care nurse for advice or see if you can get a GP appt just in case you need some cream to calm things down .

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Hi Shar

It sounds a bit like you may have enlarged pores I had these and they looked just like blackheads . Mine were secondary to redness and a bit of oedema that was partly due to radiotherapy and partly due to an oil cyst that was lodged in the axillary tail of my breast.
I didn’t need any treatment and they disappeared when the inflammation and oedema went down. It was all assessed by the BCN as i had an appointment because of the oil cyst and you should probably get yourself assessed too just in case there’s some infection or they may just want to keep an eye on it .

Take care
Joanne. X

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I have hundreds of tiny skin tags like blackheads that darkened with my radiotherapy My skin is much darker. Will not be going topless on the beach as it doesn’t look very nice.

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Oh that sounds similar to mine. How long has it been since your radiotherapy?

I had my call returned today by the radiologist. They’ve asked me to go back if the rash doesn’t improve in a week’s time.
They weren’t very reassuring when I asked if the blackheads like rash is harmless. I hope it goes away soon.

I’ve been told to keep using Medihoney, they offered to put some more in post but it doesn’t seem to be doing much.

Hello I completed on 31st August, It hasn’t changed much in the last month so am thinking it may always be like this.

Maybe it might help to get checked by your BCN ? When I was seen almost 3 months post - radiotherapy it was because I had found a lump which turned out to be a oil cyst . My BCN wasn’t worried about it ( I was!) even before a scan confirmed that it wasn’t suspicious but she was concerned about the redness and swelling in my breast which caused the enlarged pores. She put in a letter that if it didn’t improve that I should be referred to the Lymphoedema Nurse .

I was a bit affronted at the time cos I was proud that my very pale sensitive skin hadn’t broken down or got infected and it didn’t look that swollen to me . It was another 6 months or so before it went down properly and the unsightly pores disappeared completely - and I realized that she was right to highlight it .
I was lucky in that it eventually settled down on its own . I’m not saying that you need help with this/ that’s there’s anything wrong but maybe they could tell you what’s going on and if you can expect an improvement and if so how long it’s likely to take .