bleeding after early menopause

Hi all

11 years ago I went through an early menopause, I was only 20!
I was diagnosed with leukemia and after all the treatment my periods just stopped and I was put on HRT, I’ve been on the same one for years and had no problems.
Nearly 2 weeks ago I had what seemed to be a period! Mostly brown with a bit of blood but it lasted 5 days and I had the stomach cramps and headaches, last year I had a bit if a pinky discharge and had a scan but they said everything was fine, but it was nothing like this time.

I’m having a blood test and swab in 2 days but I’m very worried, to go from having no period for 11 years to this is very confusing, just hope it’s nothing serious, has anyone been through anything similar?
I’ve noticed I’ve had alot of white discharge for the last couple days aswell

Hiya love, I’m sorry your having worries, you may be better posting on the Macmillan website forum as this is just for Breast Cancer so you may not come across anyone who can help advise you, Macmillan cover all types of cancer and they will have ladies who are going though the same issues as you I’m sure, all the best to you Xx 

Hi Ashlg31, 

I am really pleased Jobey68 is already offering you some support and I am sorry you are going through this difficult time.

As Jobey68 said as this is a breast cancer forum and you may want to post on the Macmillan forum which you can findhere. I am sure there will be many users on the Macmillan forum that will be able to share their stories and will be more able to give you the support you are looking for. They also have a helpline which you can reach at 0808 808 0000.

Best wishes,