Bleeding after stopping Tamoxifen

I started Tamoxifen in late June 17. My last period was actually in April. Since being on tamoxifen i have suffered with the normal hot flushes and night sweats but the joint pain has been terrible.  and over the past 2 months it progressed to bone pain too. Pain that would rip me from sleep screaming in agony. After talking to my oncologist we decided to have a 1 month break and see what happened. I stopped tamoxifen 10 days ago and the pain is still over the top, Today i started bleeding. It’s not like a regular period, it’s kind of hard to explain. And the pain in my belly is awful. I had period pain as a teenager but not for a very long time (am 46yrs old). Is this normal when you have a break from tamoxifen?

Hi Jane ,maybe worth asking this question in the Ask the Nurses section.Im sure I’ve read a few posts re bleeding when stopping / taking a break from Tamoxifen so it’s very probably nothing to worry about just your body adjusting .Hope you get on top of your side effects .Jill.xx

Hi, I hope you are ok and got some answers from your medical team. I am 46 and have stopped tamoxifen after 5 yrs. I got my periods back quickly with less pain than I used to get. I found on tamoxifen I had a lot of joint pain on one of the generics but was a lot better when I switched to another (Genox here in Australia, has a lot less fillers). I never got bone pain though so I hope you are in the clear. Best wishes