Bleeding Nipples / Pappiloma


Hi everyone …old friends and new…


Didnt know where to post this but here goes anyway…


After months of anxiety, I have been told today that the biopsy results showed a Pappiloma (benign).  I don’t want to drag this out, but I have posted my story couple of times.


Basically, bleeding rright nipple, on  and off for couple of months…because it wasn’t continuous , I ignored it …WRONG !!! Only went to GP when there was a flood in my bra…immediate referral, mammogram and finally operated 2 weeks ago…had results today.


This is to reassure everyone that bleeding nipples doesn’t necessarily mean cancer, but don’t be like me…any spot in your bra, get it checked…it will save you months of anxiety.  The bleeding may stop for a couple of weeks, as it did with me, but it came back with a vengeance, and cost me weeks and weeks of sleepless nights. Had I gone at the first sight of blood, I would not have had to worry so much.  Because I left it, I started to imagine the worst…has it grown? has it spread? And of course beating myself up for not going earlier.


My reckless story has a happy ending.


i wish everyone here all the best …i see a lot of new names…you have come to the right place…this site was my saviour …good luck to all of you . Be grave and strong!




Heather xxx