Bleeding nipples

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Hi am new so if ive done it wrong please say
am 25 with a family history of breast cancer (mum and gran)for the past few months i have bee bleeding from my right nipple with pain. I have beem seem ay the clinic and got a mammogram all normal but it has gotten worce so went to gp who has sent me to thr breast clinic again…
whats happening to me ?
Do i have anything to worry about?

Hi Edinburghgirl,

Well, it’s good you’ve had a clear mammo already. Thankfully you have been referred, as obviously you need an answer, but of all the things it could be, bc would be the Least likely. 

ann x




Just thought I’d tell you my story: ( to reassure others but please remember, everybody is different)

I am almost 73 years old.

Since about March this year, I have been finding odd brown spots in the right cup of my bra.  I knew it was blood but thought that I had scratched myself or something like that.  This happened on and off until one evening after a long day,(28th June), I took my bra off and was shocked to find almost the whole of my bra (right cup) with splashes of blood.  Saw GP on 30th June, who examined me, found no lumps at all , but noticed  a bloody discharge from my nipple. She sent an immediate referral to Breast Clinic.  I did not hear from anyone, so I rang ‘first appointments’ on Monday,10th.  They gave me an appointment for a mammogram on 12th July, when I was told that the results would go to my allocated Consultant, with who I had an appointment Thursday , 27th July.

i was relieved to hear that there was no sinister findings on my mammogram…Consultant examined me , found no lumps and reassured me that he was almost sure that the cause of my bleeding, was almost certainly a Pappiloma. This is benign.  However, he said he will arrange to have it removed and send a sample to be analysed and confirm diagnosis.  He was very confident.  Although  I had hoped for the best, I also prepared myself for the worst.  I was so numb, I couldn’t say much…I just said “Thankyou Doctor”

I am now awaiting a date for the op.

The reason for sharing my story with you is to reassure you that bleeding nipples do not automatically mean cancer, but also urge you to see the GP as soon as you notice any odd brown spots / stains in the cup of your bra. 

P,S.  I still see blood stains in my bra.  The Consultant said that it would stop once the papilloma is removed

Love and best wishes to everyone on this site.  I have received such kindness and warmth from members over the past few weeks…could not have coped without this great Site.  THANKYOU 

Hi Edinburghgirl91

 do you have a date for your next breast clinic appointment yet?

reassuring that they seen you before and didn’t find anything sinister also reassuring that you are being seen a second time and hopefully this time you can get some answers.


Hi that’s exactly what’s happened to me but my left nipple. And my results was normal too.but they wanted to do a microductsectomy. Cutting out the duct. But the leaking stopped. Then started again but it changed to cream fluid coming out. So they did test it and it came back with abnormalities. So I had the microductsectomy operation. Which has shown early signs of cancer. So now booked for a mastectomy. This has come as a big shock. Which has brought me onto this site. The good news is it’s caught early. And iv been told they will cut it out with the mastectomy. Do fingers crossed ? I’ll be fine afterwards. Get your tests done. It’s better to find out. Good luck ?

Ps this has all just happened last week 3rd august. And my mastectomy is booked for 12th September. And it all started a year ago. We are all different. And cancer is not in my family. So again we are individuals. I hope you’ll be ok. ?

Just seen your post was written back in April. So hopefully you are ok now