Bleeding on tamoxifen

Hello everyone,

I have been taking tamoxifen since May 2021. I was 54 and still pre- menopausal at that point. However within a month or so of starting my periods had stopped which felt like a massive win to balance up all the aches and pains of tamoxifen as well as wide side effects of surgery and radiotherapy.  I presumed that tamoxifen had tipped me into menopause. Less than a month ago I had bleeding  which lasted more than a week and was heavy. I was referred to post menopausal bleeding clinic and saw the consultant last week. The gynaecologist was very reassuring- and although she has recommended a hysteroscopy to investigate further, she was very clear that she thinks that the tamoxifen is the cause of the bleeding. However she did say that one of my ovaries looks as though it is still functioning.  There is also a polyp that they will want to remove.

Yesterday, I started bleeding again fairly heavily.  Everyone had said that the bleed was most likely a one off but is seems not.  Could I be having periods- will be a bit devastated if I have not yet had menopause after all.  could tamoxifen cause such regular bleeding. I know that there is a small risk of endometrial cancer but have largely been reassured by gynaecologist about this.

Does anyone have experience of anything similar?  Would be really glad to hear.


Hi Rannie,

I had very similar in 2014 when I was put on tamoxifen.  After about 9 months I bled heavily.  I was 44 at the time.  Chemo had stopped by menstrual cycles.  My GP prescribed tranaxemic acid tablets for the bleeding.  They worked within hours which was a relief.  I had the follow up investigations and they found nothing of concern and put it down to my menstrual cycles returning. I then went onto Zoladex injections with anastrozole and never had any bleeding thereafter.  

if the bleeding is getting in the way of day to day life I would recommend asking go or consultant for tranaxemic acid.  It is not a long term solution and would definitely say follow all the advice appointments and tests etc they recommend to rule out anything else,but my bleeding was so heavy it was scary!  

good luck and hope you get it all sorted soon. X