Bleeding while on Anastrazole

I started Anastrazole last July. Stopped it for one month as we thought it might be causing my awful itching - it wasn’t. Onco put me on Tamoxifen for a while but now I’m back on Anastrazole and have been taking it for one month. This last couple of weeks I’ve had on and off light bleeding (no pain). I have read that this can happen after swapping hormone treatments so not too worried. Has anyone had this and if so, how long did the bleeding last? I’m 63 and at least 10 years past the menopause. Thank you in advance.


poemsgalore x

Hi Poemsgalore

Maybe a call to the helpline might help, they may have the answers to your concerns.

The freephone  number is 0808 800 6000 .

With best wishes