Blisters filled with lymph?

Hi all

I had a wide local incision and auxillary sentinal node biopsy 3 days ago.  This morning, I woke up to see 2 blisters between my armpit and my breast.  One’s about 1.5cm long, the other much smaller and both filled with clear liquid, presumably lymph.  They’re not sore or tender but I reckon the big one might burst as whichever bra I try, it ends up rubbing against my bra strap.  I live alone (I stayed with friends until yesterday evening), neither by breast care unit or treatment centre are available by phone over the weekend, and wouldn’t you know it, all my friends who I’d normally get a second opinion from (a couple are ex-nurses) are not contactable for one reason or another today. It doesn’t FEEL like an emergency so I don’t THINK I need to get a taxi to the nearest minor injuries unit (the actual hospital is 20 miles away and I have no way of getting there on my own), but I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this and, hopefully, some reassurance that I’m ok to just keep an eye on it over the weekend, or whether I need to do something about it sooner than Monday?  If it bursts, I do have some sterile swabs, tape etc and I have enough movement to be able to clean and dress it.  Has anyone else had this, is it normal?  It wasn’t mentioned to me as something that might happen…!  TIA

Why do these things always happen at weekends  ?? Not sure if this is the same although sounds similar ,I had a seroma under my lymph node incision,  it was a golf ball size ball of fluid they are quite common  .If it’s a seroma it’s not something that needs urgent treatment they usually resolve themselves, if not they can be drained. Is there any sign of infection- redness etc or do you feel unwell in anyway ? If not maybe you could ring 111 tomorrow if you are in the UK and get some advice .