Bloated and appetite increase

So I had my first dose of FEC last week. I have had absolutely no side effects at all except a loss of taste and a huuuuuuge increase in my appetite. I’m finding that I am so bloated it hurts to sit down some evenings. Is this just me because it’s starting to get to me now. I feel absolutely massive!

Tonight I’m feeling like ulcers are on their way. My tongue is really starting to get sore and it’s been 7 days so I can’t whinge really.

What do you think?? X

Yes! Same here! I’ve had 3 FEC and I’m eating every 2 hours it seems like!  I seem to get bloated around the 6/7 day mark and that stays with me really for a few days until I return to normal the 3rd week. Having said that, I’ve put on 1/2 stone in 7 weeks! My mouth gets sore and dry around that time too, but no sign of ulsars - I’m using corsydl daily mouth wash while my mouth is sore, but not when it feels OK, because I’ve heard it stains your teeth :confused:

Have you joined a monthly thread on here? They are really good for getting tips and advise too (I’m from the Jan 1016 starters)

Hope you continue to only get minimal side effects, are your bloating eases :slight_smile:

Kim xxx

Hi ask your dentist for recommended mouthwash.yes corsidol stains teeth.but some dont…sharon.

Hi jembossable

i finished chemo last April.  My only side effect was bloating, like you.  Terrible pains under my rib cage and put on half a stone every day, which I lost every night.  I became vegetarian whilst having chemo and that helped a lot and I was put on to Lansoprazole, which sorted it out.  I am now having acupuncture (not a real believer!) but have had great improvement and have stopped the Lansoprazole.  Don’t worry about eating too much.  I ate bags and bags of wine gums and scones and jam in the middle of the night!  I think most of us do.

Hope this gives you some ideas to try and good luck.  As everyone keeps saying - you will get there!

I’m exactly the same. I lose it at night. How weird. I might look at cutting out meat. Hope I don’t end up massive ? x