Hi I had last of 3 Fec/ 3 tax two months ago, and have since had a lot of bloating and on/off constipation and my stomach seems to permanently stick out whereas it was pretty flat before and was probably my best feature!. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so did it pass? My periods have stopped (I’m 43) so I guess it could be middle aged spread?


Hi Sharon,

funny that you say this, i finished treatment Nov 2007, WLE, followed by 6 FEC and RAds. I
must say that since I had my operation which was before the chemo my stomach/bowel movements have not been the same. My tummy feel bloated and i have constipation on/off as well. I 27 have periods have come back (thank Godness). Strange aye? I have been taking Senna maxi strength evvery few days to keep thing moving. I eat very healthy and drink a lot of fluids so can’t understand why? Keep forgetinh to ask doc or nurse as i have got used to it now.

Anyone else had this?

Nadia x

Hi Sharon

I finished my chemotherapy 3 FEC and 3 Taxotere end of October and am still suffering from constipation - this was something that wasn’t even part of my vocabulary beforehand as I had a very sensitive stomach and anything it didn’t like triggered off the runs so this is so unusual for me. I find that I have to eat bran everyday otherwise it’s really painful and uncomfortable and like you, I’m really bloated. My periods stopped whilst on chemo but have now come back and seem regular again.

Nadia, if you do ask the doctors, I’d be very interested to hear what they say.

Ruby xx

Thanks Nadia and Ruby, sorry you are suffering but good to know I’m not alone! Hopefully it will be something that will pass with time, as we know these drugs stay in the system a long time. Ruby do you mind me asking how old you are? I want my periods back (never thought I would say that)

hi Ruby,

will go to docs soon, it is difficult for me to get time off work… wil keep ya posted

Nadia x

Many years back I had a sluggish bowel and the doctor put me on a medication called Mebevrin - I had to take it before eating and it was amazing how much it helped.