Blood Clot and Tamoxifen

Hi, i’ve now been clear from breast cancer for 4 years but im taking tamoxifen which ive been told to take for 10 years. Ive just recently found out ive a blood clot in the back of knee but they dont know how ive got it. Has anyone else experienced this whilst taking tamoxifen? As ive been taking this for 4 years now im surprised if this has caused it. They have gave me blood thinners to take but the side effects of these is more worrying.

Hi Diane, I’m not on Tamifoxem,  ( taken Letrozole) however had a supected blood clot in my leg than turn out to be a Baker cyst. Wish you well can good luck xxxx






Hey Diane, are you ok now?


I have started on tamoxifen yesterday. I’m so scared. Did you have side effects?


Wish you a good week.