Blood clots in lung. Will it prevent surgery?

Hi, I was found to have blood clots in leg and lungs after 3rd cycle of EC. I’ve now completed 4 cycles of EC and have just finished 2 of 4 cycles of Docetaxol, Herceptin and one other. I have been referred back to surgeon, but am now worried that clots may interfere with surgery. Has anyone had any experience of this please? I am on blood thinning I ejections twice daily. I would appreciate any feedback. 

Hi Morbry,

I’m sorry to hear you’re worried about this and I hope you get a reply from someone with a similar experience soon.

In the meantime, do feel free to post on the ask our nurses board: or call our helpline on 0808 800 6000.

Take care, Becca at Breast Cancer Care.