Blood from my nipple

Blood from my nipple

Blood from my nipple Hi All

I’m new to this and need some reassurance!! Last sunday I found blood seeping from my left nipple. It’s been sore for a couple of weeks, I thought it was the new bras that I’d bought which had been rubbing. I immediately booked an appointment with my GP, and was lucky enough to get one for the same day, he doesn’t think I have BC but has fast tracked me to the clinic and I go tomorrow afternoon. My boob has been aching since I found this and I’ve been feeling so very scared, I can do nothing else but think about it.

I’ve just started the change, and had a regular 28 day cycle up until last september and was wondering if this was in any way linked. Tomorrow is my 53rd birthday and am hoping for some good news. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes to you all


Dear Sue Waiting for an appointment at the breast clinic can be a very difficult time and I am sure that you will receive valauble support and information from other users soon. In addition, if you would like to talk to someone in confidence about your concerns and how you are feeling at the moment, please contact one of our trained helpliners or nurses on freephone number 0808 800 6000.

The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

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blood from nipple Hi - my first visit to the breast clinic was for exactly the same sign. a bloody discharge from a nipple can becaused by a number of things, infections and small ulcers in the milk ducts for example. That said it can be cancer as well so you are right to get it checked.

From my experience do ask to have all the checks done, just to play safe - see the website or phone the helpline for advice. When I went I was examined, had a mammogram and they took a sample of the discharge. all came back clear. Several months later I developed a large dimple in my breast so went back. My mammogram still came back clear. Fortunately the consultant was there and she whipped out an ultrasound machine and lo and behold there was a tumour. I’m 50 but apparently have dense lumpy breasts and the tumour was tucked near the arm pit so it just didn’t show.and you could not feel it.

Please, Please Please - try and not to panic at this stage - there is every chance it will be something benign. Try and not to read too far ahead re: treatment and stuff - it can all become a bit overwhelming. Take it a step at a time and hold in there until you get a diagnosis.

Good luck - fingers crossed for you Swanie.