Blood in discharge??

I got my results at last (Mozzie, did you get yours yet?).

No abnormal cells but small amount of blood on each side. They have asked me to go back in May. Has this happened to anyone else??

Great news you got your results… fingers crossed i get mine tomorrow (no hurry like!!!)

the blood your talking about is it from your nipples. If so thats why iv had to have a full ductal excision and thats the full results im waiting for. I had one removed the end of last year and had to go in and get the whole lot removed a few weeks ago.

claire xx

Hi Claire

Yes the blood was in the fluid. It wasnt obvious though it just looked clear to me (well, some of it was clear and some like a murky greeny grey colour) They found the blood in both sides. I was expecting them to say infection (even though I havent got any pain), or hormones, but to say they found blood seems a bit strange.

No abnormal cells though which is good news. Im just a bit confused. Why would I be getting blood, if it is an infection wouldnt they have sent me to the GP for antibiotics?

I might phone my GP and discuss it with him, trouble is I dont think he knows much about this kind of thing.

Yvonne xx

Hi Yvonne

If you wish to discuss this further with one of our specialist nurses please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 which is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm. Alternatively you can use our ‘Ask the Nurse’ service whereby you can email your query in to the team, you will find this service under the ‘Support for you’ tab at the top of this page.

Kind regards

Thanks Katie

I will email tonight.

Yvonne xx

Hi Yvonne,
Yes, I got my results (if you can call them that) at last. I went for my appt and saw a different dr. He explained about a condition called Pagets and said that it is a very rare nipple cancer. He also said it was very difficult to diagnose in the early stages and although I am showing some very early symptoms, (discharge, itching & tingling) he couldn’t say for definite whether it was or wasn’t pagets. Told me there was no point in doing any tests (such as nipple smear) as it was too early for results to show anything definite anyway but he did reassure me that there was a very strong chance that I could just need my ducts removing. I have been put on “watchful waiting” and have to go back in 2 months.
I’m not so worried about things now, for some strange reason I get a feeling that everything is going to be ok so I’m just going to forget about it until my next appt. Will let you know if things turn out different.
Take care everyone.

Hi Mozzie

Sorry about your results, Im glad you are not too worried. I was really confused about mine too, I am getting a really funny sensation in my right breast but no tingling or itching. I have to go back at the end of May I think they might be waiting to see if anything else develops. I have heard of Pagets disease. Hopefully we will know when we go back.

Take Care

Yvonne xx

hi chuck howz you hldin up? got those results yet?

My computer went capoooootttt so just got it fixed toight and was thinking od you guys so wanted to come by and say hi
Graeme took me away to a lovely hotel for the night last night to celebrate my al clear last week as we never got out to celebrate then. it was great to get away even just for the night. no kids lol
well anyway hope your doing ok
take care my lovely and i will pop in soon

juliet hope your doing ok too hunni
big hugs to you gals

xxxxx nikki xxxxxx

Heyyyyy Nikki

Good to see you (so to speak). How lovely what a nice way to celebrate, Me and my OH do that a couple of times a year just to get away for a couple of days, its lovely isnt it.

My results were a bit weird, they found blood in the discharge so I have to go back on 29th May, I think maybe they are waiting to see if anything develops, (hopefully not eh!!). I dont know if they will do more tests or what but Im guessing they are not too worried.

Nice of you to pop in,

Yvonne xxx

PLeased to hear things are ok if you know what I mean at least they havent found anything out of sorts.
it was great to get away but we were asleep by 10.15 lol how sad are we!

kids just in from school so must dash but take care and I will catch you soon take care