Blood pressure taking with PICC line

Quick question - I have a PICC Line in my right arm and have had MX and ANC on other side.
What is the correct way to take my blood pressure?
I understand the MX side should not be used due to risk df lymphoedema. But squashing my PICC line under the arm cuff hurts and surely could damage the line?
Nurses seem to ask me which side I prefer. Well, I’m no nurse, surely there is a protocol?
I now have a nicely bruised arm from a squashed PICC line.

Hi catzoo

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Hi catzooo, very good question - I know it’s important that the ANC affected arm isn’t compromised in any way because of the risk of lymphodema and infection.  I believe it is possible to measure BP using the legs but I’m not sure how accurate it is - maybe your BCN would know.  Some of the cuffs can be jolly tight, no wonder you’re bruised, poor thing - I would definitely check with another health professional.