Blood test when having herceptin only

Hi - can anyone tell me whether I will still need routine blood test before each herceptin treatment ? Finish chemo tomorrow and as veins are giving up hope I don’t. lol. Marli

Hi marli. I don’t have blood tests before mine and I’ve just had my 8th injection. My hospital has just introduced a blood test every 6 or 7 cycles to be looked at alongside the heart scans to check for any damage. So I have to endure 1 or 2 more of those but I’m hoping my days of being jabbed all the time are behind me

Hi Marli, You don’t have them before each treatment like chemo but obviously they’ll check every so often. Is your Herceptin by IV or sub cut injection, I had an hickman line fitted after one cycle of chemo which was great. Had the line out and are having Herceptin by injection in my thigh every three weeks. Due my second one on the 14th April, you will have to have a echocardiogram before you start Herceptin then usually every three months to check on your heart. Best wishes Lynne

Marli, I’m not doing too bad with the herceptin. Well the main thing is my heart is coping, I assume any of the other side effects are considered minor in comparison! My thigh always goes red around the injection from pretty much immediately they start pushing the drug through and then for about 3 or 4 days afterwards I have a feint bruise about 20x30cm in size. It doesn’t hurt but you can definitely see it

I’ve learned now from the last two injections that I get a head rush for a few hours as if I’ve had too much caffeine. It leaves me a bit dizzy/disorientated. I only worked it out as being a possible side effect after injection 8 as on the previous one I had had a coffee and walked in the sunshine so just assume it was because of that. No coffee last time and the same feeling so it must be the herceptin. I’ve also learned that it gives me a dodgy tummy for 48 hours or so but them I’m ok.

I’m mainly suffering from the neuropathy that the chemo brought on and all the menopausal symptoms since chemo decided to switch off my ovaries (I’m not on any hormonal medication). So I’m putting weight gain and aching muscles and joints down to the menopause although have heard these can also be side effects of herceptin