Blood Test

I finished my treatment in May 2007 triple negative grade3 well i have just got the results of a blood test and my alkaline phosphatase level is 124 and i was told this is higher than the normal range. apparently it has been up and down since March 2006 but this is the highest its been. I am concerned and would appreciate any information on what the normal range for this is. Has anyone else had experience of raised alkaline phosphatase

Hi Bluebells, just read the normal range is from 30 to 115, so if it varies it may be due to your body recovering from all the treatment you have had, specially as it is not always elevated
sending good wishes your way
Know what you must be thinking I am triple neg too :frowning:


Hi Bluebells,

I wondered if you had been able to have some reassurance re this? My Ap was raised today - I have my last chemo tomorrow. And i am concerned. I wondered if maybe g-csf injections could cause an elevation?

Hope you’re well

Liz x

Hi Girls

What is the significance of AP please? I like to know as much as possible and this one has passed my radar.