blood tests and results

i am feeling really confused , hospital cancelled appt as not happy with biopsy and sent it for further testing , how could they tell me it was small treatable with lumpectomy and radiotherapy without the biopsy results ? also is it normal to not have had any bloods taken on that day ? my mind is whirling again and not fully understanding , so if anybody could explain i would be very grateful xx

Trish1968, i’m really sorry to hear that you now don’t know is going to happen. I had 2 week wait after biops but was confirmed with cancer however your question mark may be positive. Chin up girl we have to be strong. Big hug Chris xx

don’t worry about not having a blood test, it wouldn’t help in diagnosing you. I had by pre op assessment today and when I asked about a blood test they said they don’t even do them before surgery now, which i thought was a bit strange!
I know it is easy to say but try to keep strong, you will soon have the answers

thank you girls for your positive responses , i`m waiting for bcn to call me as i went ito bit of shock with call yesterday and didnt ask any questions ,calmer today so will keep you posted as to what she says , hope today is a good day for everyone xxxxxxxxx

Trish, get hold of a small notebook and write down any questions you might have, so you don’t forget them when you get to see or speak to people.

so sorry to be a nuisance but can they tell by the mammogram and ultra sound that its cancer without waiting for biopsy results ?

Id say yes they can,when i had mine done he said this is goin2b a long rd,i said is it cancer?!He said yes,i said but i have2wait4results yet?!He said im preparing u now…

thank you sarah , i just need to settle my mind , i thought i was going mad last night , going through elation thinking they have it wrong then back down knowing they wouldnt or shouldnt tell you that if not certain ,another wait , its one hell of a worrying time for everyone going through this xx

I know how u feel.I was just the same.Xsarahx


I didn’t have a blood test when I had the xray, ultra sound and biopsy. I had blood taken the day before the surgery. This uncertainty over the result may turn out to be good so keep your fingers and everything else crossed.

Trish, Hope you had a better day, how are you?

bcn called me today after i left message , she said that because sample taken was small ( they told me fri site of “suspicious” small there may be problem with biopsy , apparently they need to confirm type so they can get treatment plan in place , i`m to see the consultant next wed , i was fine i thought when she explained but real down again now , i think being at my brothers with his little grandchildren did it , i want to see my grandchildren born and raised yet it all seems so unreal at the min , i hope you are all ok and my thoughts with everyone suffering his bloody disease xxxx

Trish - wishing your results would come through sooner so that you then know what your treatment plan is. Waiting is the worst thing I think… Once you know what your treatment is you can start to feel more comfortable about the future but I fully understand you current trauma
Take care - thinking of you