Bloods - lack of!

Hi all 

Those of us on Ibrance know that bloods are part and parcel of this treatment. Yesterday after the 6th attempt from 4 different people (arm literally black and blue) bloods were finally drawn - an emotional tearful me just left the hospital with a bad feeling. Today after phone consultation with oncologist, I was informed that I need to get my bloods done again next week before drugs can be given as the bloods weren’t good enough . I’m not sure how much water I can drink and don’t know what to do to get my blood flowing!!! I’m worried/scared - I don’t want to stop my routine! 

I feel you- I have terrible tiny veins that like to hide and they can only use the one arm. I’m also on Ibrance / Palbociclib. It’s awful isn’t it. I’m the same when they have to find a vein for  the 3 monthly CT scan. My worst one was once when I was there for a whole morning. They went in through my toe in the end. Hope they manage to find a vein for you xx

I too have very thin veins that don’t like giving up blood. Last week it took six attempts to get the cannula in for my paclitaxel. The nurse suggested having a PICC line and I had it done on Thursday. No problem with chemo later that day. Will be able to do bloods through it each week so that takes away a lot of the worry.