Bloody discharge from nipple.

Hi ladies, about 2 or 3 weeks ago I noticed bloody discharge coming from my left nipple. I kinda just brushed it aside as it wasn’t constant or a lot and I didn’t have any pain but it was happening regularly. I woke up last week with about a 10p size blood stain in my nipple and mentioned it to my mother in law who made me see the doctor. I also can feel a hard lump behind my nipple. I saw the doctor on Thursday and he’s referred me to the breast clinic but I haven’t hear anything yet, this was 6 days ago. I just can’t stop thinking about it and need to know what’s going on. Has anyone else had these symptoms? The discharge has calmed down a bit and is now bloody/clear as opposed to the bright red bloody it was before. I don’t have any pain or anything but the lump feels about 3cm long x

 Hi Samantha , you have the done the right seeing your Gp and you should hear about an appointment within 2 weeks so chase it up if you don’t. 


There are so many symptoms of breast cancer and often they mirror completely benign conditions so it’s impossible for us to say what this will be , the important thing is to get anything that isn’t normal for you checked out as soon as possible. I know this is a really stressful time and your mind will begin to wander but try and stay away from googling and take one step at a time. 

Hopefully you will hear from the clinic by the end of the week and if not don’t be afraid to get on the phone and start asking why not Xx Jo 

Thank you, I think I’m going to phone my doctor tomorrow if I don’t get my letter through, my postman is beginning to be terrified of me as I’m at the door practically snatching my mail off him lol! I’m not usually a worried but I am very impatient naturally and this is just sending me round the bend x

It really is frustrating! I phoned the doctor and the receptionist said a routine appointment can take upto 12 weeks but the doctor told me I’d be seen within 2 weeks so I’m guessing he put through and urgent referral. Receptionist said to phone back on Monday if i haven’t heard anything. I don’t even know what hospital to contact or I would phone directly x

Spoke to the receptionist again and the doctor had put it through incorrectly. So has had to be resent again as urgent today…basically a full week of waiting for nothing! X