Bloody dressings?

Had my lumpectomy yesterday and woke up this morning to bloody dressings on the two wounds- underarm pretty soaked but not through to my clothes. All the brochures don’t really mention this so I’m presuming this is ok or do I need to get them changed? Currently I’m expecting to keep them on for two weeks? Thanks xxx

Hi jukebox - I had a mastectomy so probably can’t answer your question, but I didn’t want to read and not comment. I would suggest you give your BCN a quick call and check with her - or the nurses on here, it’s always best to be over cautious. My best wishes to you as you recover. Evie xx

Hi Jukebox

I had a mastectomy too but, according to my husband who was the only one of us conscious, the nurse had to change my dressing before I even woke up. I was discharged the same day, at my request, and remember having a shower that left me with a most unpleasant brown mess for over a week.

Like Evie has said, your breast care nurse will have the solution. It may be that, rather than going back to the hospital, they get a community nurse to visit and change your dressing.

Hope you get it sorted. Remember to say it’s urgent if you are leaving a message, otherwise it may be a few days before they can get back to you.