Blossom Hill HOW ARE YOU?????

Hey Chick!!

We’re all thinking of you!! Ping us when you can!!

Ali xx

The forum’s not quite the same without her, is it?  Hope she’s recovering well and out of high dependency soon.  Kind of hope she also managed to throw up over Nurse Ratchett :wink:


How are you doing, Ali? xx

Hi Tat!!

I am doing OK a week down the road from chemo #1. Got some mouth ulcers *ouch* but keeping them under control. Yeah missing Bloss and hoping she’s comfortable. This fr***ing journey is such a trial!!

LOL nurse ratchet or hatchet !!!

How’s you??

Ali xx

I was just thinking the same this morning altho I know how I feel after my op Monday so not surprised she hasn’t but hoping you can let’s up know soon my lovely Bloss. We are all thinking of you xx

Ali glad to hear you’re OK apart from the mouth ulcers. Why do they always feel like they’re massive yet when you look they’re not as big as they feel? What is keeping them under control? Bonjela?
Just re read my post with its typo. Let us know soon it should have said oops
Thinking of you all xx

Love this new thread!! I keep checking all the others to see if our lovely Blossom has resurfaced! Brilliant comment ‘kind of hope she’s managed to throw up over nurse Hatchett’ ???
Hope all is good Blossom - looking forward to having you back in the forum :slight_smile: xxx

Wish I could do more, but sending hugs to help get you through chemo, Ali. How many cycles do you have to have?  


21 of 33 rads done.  It’s hard going (feel such a fraud saying that to someone having chemo!), but a new wonder dressing is helping a lot and given me hope I can get through to the end.  


Hope you’re getting plenty of rest, Botty, and have someone looking after your every need :wink:


Take care ladies xxx

Hi Blossom


Thinking of you, hope to see you back here soon xx

Hi blossom followers ?
I keep checking to see if she is back.

Tat been following your progress through fab rads. Glad the new dressings helping. Don’t you dare underestimate the rads unlike chemo they are relentless , much more wearing. I’m with Ali in Feb starters and at least we get a break between treatments.

Hope you’re doing ok bloss , talk to us when you can.
Sending hugs
Jan x

Hi Jan, you’re very kind, but I think several months of feeling awful, losing your hair, nails, etc trumps rads :wink:  Hope you’re getting plenty of walks on the beach, bit bracing today with sideways snow here!


I love the Blossom Followers moniker!  Shows what a big impact she’s had on the forum :slight_smile:  I’m sure she’ll have lots of stories to tell when she’s out of the clink.  Can’t wait!



Yes missing Bloss. I’ve only been on forum a short time as not long been diagnosed but she was so supportive & gave me a laugh when I twigged what the name was about.

Glad you started this thread Ali as I was in hospital today and met a lovely lady who had a double-DIEP three weeks ago. She looked amazing and was so cheerful. In fact she was so well, despite being diabetic into the bargain, that I wanted to let Bloss know about it and hope she will do as well too so hope she reads this. She said that after only three weeks she was so pleased with the outcome. xxxx

It’s really not the same without Blossom! Her rants kept me amused for sure! Looking forward to seeing you back Blossom! Sarah xx

Welcome happyboobs!  None of us wants to be here, but I think we’re all glad to have found such friendship, info and support at a very scary and emotional time.  Have you had an op already?  Tat xx

I’m sorry you had to do all that without online support, HBoobs, but glad you’ve found us now ;). I went to a local ‘support group’ last month and was completely blanked by two of the women wearing official t shirts in the entrance hall. Having walked past me to hug a woman who walked in behind me they then walked round and past me whilst not smiling or making eye contact! It was just awful and I stood there, smile fading, as embarrassment and mortification washed over me!!  I’ve had more support from a bunch of people I’ve never met than a local charitable organisation of real people! Got to laugh ? Xx

Morning ? Blossom
Sending hugs
Jan x

Argh Tat. That would be my biggest nightmare. It takes so much to walk into those places in the first place. Somebody said to me last night I should try the local support group, mind you this is after he apologised for going about his wife’s breast cancer the last time I saw him as he didn’t know about me. I replied that had been my choice and it was fine. He then said don’t worry you haven’t got it as bad as my wife (is it a competition) and you’ve got to tell everyone just to be normal with you!!! I don’t know when I’ve ever been so speechless. Of course I also got subjected to a complete run down of his wife’s medical history ??

*Wry smile* at your friend who’s clearly an expert in bc and knows the details of your dx, Botty, and then feels it’s OK to give advice!  What I love about this forum is no-one competes over whose dx is worse than the next person’s, no emotion is too much or too insignificant and we can all say exactly what we are thinking and feeling because we all know how it feels to hear ‘you have cancer’ and in helping each other we help ourselves.  The local group was a truly horrific experience and it stayed with me for several days.  I can laugh at the irony of it now - when I contacted them to say what had happened and suggest they might want to have a think about how they welcome newcomers in the future they replied with all sorts of excuses and lots of ‘we’re a lovely bunch, really, always helping each other out’.  Er, did you actually read my email??  No sign of ‘lovely support’ on the night I showed up to your publicly advertised meeting!  N’owt so queer as folk, as they say :wink:



Hi Ali-B. MY friend suffered badly with mouth ulcers during her chemo and she was told that eat pineapple or drink pure pineapple juice. Apparently the enzymes in it work wonders for mouth sores. She swore by it and I be stocking up before my chemo starts. Helen xx

Missing your fab posts Blossom, hope that all went well with your surgery. Wishing you a good and speedy recovery.  Love and hugs Sue