Blue Badge

I have just received the forms to claim for a blue badge on Reading this it’s all about if you can walk, yes I can but get very tired and in pain all the time, I don’t know wether I should put the claim in or not. Any advice would be much appreciated

Lol. This made me chuckle and I think we all deserve a Blue Peter Badge.

I have just received my blude badge form which is like a booklet and has many personal questions on your walking abilities, and climbing stairs and the like.  The forms I recently filled in for my disability allowance gave me a headache as the booklet was huge.  I showed it to my MacMillan Nurse and her eyes nearly popped out of her head. 


Thanks to many who abuse the system, those like us who have limited walking or can do short distances but not long ones as I have to rely on a wheelchair due to my cancer in my spine, very often get overlooked. Reading some of your comments below, I would say why not apply. You should not feel guilty of being allowed to park with your blue badge that will make life easier for you to do your daily chores.


I would be lost without mine, but due to the many restrictions in some areas of London and the outskirts you do wonder if they are a hinder or a help, nothing seems to be consistent!!


I do understand where you guys are coming from in about not applying but as my Sue Ryder nurse said, you are entitled to it so why not claim for it, dont feel guilty for something that will make your life more comfortable to deal with.  Go for it. :slight_smile:

Some may need it. We are all different, I will apply for one too so I can help myself and be more independent. When you don’t feel well and tired its not good to look around for parking and then may walk a distant by the time you get to the shop or whatever you are worn out. I don’t see it as grabbing.