Blue Badge

Have just found out that as a cancer patient I am entitled to a blue badge for parking. Unfortunately in this area there is an 8 week wait as they are busy. Anyone any ideas as to how this could be speeded up?

Where did you get that info from please - because having not claimed for anything befor I am going to apply for anything I am entitled to
Cheers Jo

I have had social services round today for a visit and i too have never claimed a thing ,wasnt gonna go for the blue badge either. I filled a form in from the local council to speed things up send your 2.00 in and 2 photos (i didnt as didnt expect to be accepted)then they send the form to your doctor who will fill it in . Then i presume if the doc fills it in ok for you they send someone round for a home visit. I got accepted couldnt believe it and there is only a two week wait in our area but you get the badge for 3 years. Just tell the truth and tell them how tired chemo makes you. good luck xx

I have never claimed for anything,but I read this somewhere, cant remember where. Anyway today phoned local council offices, they put me through to appropriate person and I was told definitely as a cancer patient I am entitled to blue badge. Forms are in the post to me.

I asked my GP about this at dx. Told me not to waste my money. Looked at Tewkesbury Council web site. If I got the higher rate of DLA, OK, might think about it. Certainly not going to ask for something I’m not entitled to.
I have cancer. I am not disabled.
(sorry, seems to be a lot of grabbing on this site tonight!)

I’m sorry you feel like we are grabbing but some of us have really bad se with chemo and can’t walk far with numb feelings in feet and finger and muscles in legs are weak either because of chemo or steroids I can hardly walk and have to go long distance in a wheelchair I can assure you I would never want to be in this place or feel like I do because of bc and I dout anyone else would either I’d love to be able to walk unaided and have the energy I had before chemo it’s not grabbing just making our life a little bit easier.

I also feel sorry you feel there is a lot of grabbing on this site.
I am 70 years old, have brought up a family. My late husband worked all his life. My present partner of 18 years has worked all his life. I also have always worked, payed N.I. taxes etc. etc. and have NEVER claimed a penny from the state. I have private pension that I paid in for.
Blue badge is the first thing I have claimed for. So i feel very hurt and upset that anyone should accuse me of “grabbing”

My Council only allocates access to the Blue Badge scheme if the applicant is on middle or high rate DLA. There does seem to be quite a difference in the criteria from Council to Council.


Same here Jeannie, hense the ridicule.
Appoloies ladies if my comment seemed unfair, but maybe my words don’t look right. The forums look like a shop sale board tonight. ‘Get this, claim that!’
I’m 7 months into treatment so have made the claims and been refused. Maybe poodlepatch your age will help you with your blue badge, but mine is against me there.

I have been told by my local council age doesn’t come into it. “If you are being treated for cancer you are classed as disabled and therefore eligable for free parking”. Perhaps different councils in different areas make their own rules.

I applied on line to Lancashire county council last week and was told that i could not have one. I do not get DLA either as i do not qualify for that either as i can ‘dress my self’ so after being off work now for 10 months i have to survive on £67.60 ESA so much for paying into the system all my working life and never claiming for anything. I am 51

Those who receive DLA under Special Rules DS1500 for terminal illness (e.g. may have bc with liver mets) may receive the top rate care component of DLA, but they will NOT receive ANYTHING for mobility if this is “normal” - there is NO automatic entitlement to a Blue Badge.

just wanted to say that i read this heading as BLUE PETER BADGE

I receive high rate dla under special rules following my stage 4 diagnosis last year. This automatically made me eligible for the higher rate of ESA too so I was really pleased. The mac advisor who sorted everything out for me (I didnt even fill out a form) explained what else I was entitled to on the basis of being eligible for high rate dla. She told me I would automatically be entitled to a blue badge for the 3yr period dla was awarded. She encouraged me to apply just to make life a little easier. With stage 4 cancer, things can deteriorate very quickly so she said apply now and its there for when I’ll really need it later. I simply took £2 and 2 passport pics and my DLA letter to a ‘one-stop-shop’, which deals with all council related matters, and I left 20mins later with my blue badge.
I have received lots of funny looks and am awaiting the 1st comment about my disabled badge. Being in my early 30’s and currently mobile, Im sure others dont have a clue what my situation is.
I have never claimed for anything before and Ive paid alot of tax having previously had a good income that fell into the higher tax bracket. I certainly dont feel like i am grabbing- after all, I would much rather be well and back at work than living this nightmare aged 33.
I would encourage cancer sufferers(espcially stage 4) to claim for whatever we are entitled to if it makes everyday life just that little bit easier. Enough money is paid to those too lazy to work and foreigners who have never paid into the system so I dont think we should feel guilty about applying for/ receiving benefits that we are entitled to.
Good luck to anyone applying for a blue badge :slight_smile:
Tina x

I have a blue badge too. It’s been a life saver when having to park in busy areas sometimes I am fine and don’t use it. I am also waiting for someone to comment…

Well said Gingerbud.As you say none of us ask to be in this situation and sounds like most of us on here have worked all our life so when the going gets tough why shouldnt we get a little help. I have primary BC but can get very worn out certain days throughout the chemo and i am used to just getting up and going so get really frustrated at what its stopping me from doing. My doctor told me to claim this said there are hundreds of people out there who are less entitled to this (and getting it)than us going through cancer and chemo. I told the lady who came to see me i only wanted mine for 6 months to see me through chemo and rads but you just get 3 years .Will just use it when i need it,
I felt really guilty about applying for one but dont now so girls if it helps you out through your bad times why not. I see loads of people who dont work and are on DLA due to bad backs ect then neighbours see them laying patios or moving the garden things around (but thats another story)but we do have something that is very real so again i repeat gingerbuds comments Good luck girls. And Gingerbud sorry you are having such a bad time of it take care xx

Hi ladies, do you have to be on DLA to apply for a badge?


I had a blue badge when my FMS was very bad and I could only walk with a stick but when I improved, I didn’t renew it. I’ve never had DLA - was turned down for it even though I had multiple problems at the time, not just mobility ones.

Hi angela
in answer to your question, no. I have been told to apply for blue badge. I have never claimed anything. I am retired and living in own house on private pension. If you think this can make life a little easier whilst you are undergoing this horrible treatment then apply for it.

Hi there everyone
Received application form to day for blue badge - on reading through this have decided NOT to claim. I am perfectly able to walk long distances also can still enjoy days shopping with daughter in law (although I do get tired a lot quicker than before I had BC.) Anyway decided I would feel a bit of a fraud as there are lots of people who cannot walk far. Having said all this I would still say to anyone on here that needs it, go for it. I am just thankful that at this present time I do not need it.