Blue Dye

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I was reading about this in a recent post and thought I would start a thread on it.

Last March when i had my surgery and SNB they injected my breast with the blue dye to check nodes. The dye is still there!! Anyone know how long before I return to normal colour??!!

hi when I had surgery and SNB in Nov 08 they said it should be gone in 6 months. will wait and see.

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I had the blue die injected for a sentinal node biopsy at the beginning of July 08, and it has now faded completely, although the last traces only disappeared in the past few weeks - so 6 months was about right for me. All a bit academic though as I’m having a mastectomy next Wednesday!!


It took absolutely ages to go completely. I can’t remember exactly how long as I am now 21 months on from my operation but it might well have been about a year.

it must be different depending on where you live because i didn,t have the blue dye, they removed my lymph nodes when they did the mastectomy then later told me the results
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I had my SNB on April1st 2008 (ha ha) and it has taken a rads burn to get rid of the blue. Will see whether it is still there after this clears up. I was really blue for 6 months and since it has gradually started to fade. As soon as I strip for an examination, they say ooh you’re still blue, like I haven’t noticed!! Derrrh
With the red from rads mixing with the blue, I am a sort of fossilised green at present.
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I’m five months post lumpectomy and SNB. I still have smurf boob!

Mine’s almost gone at 10 months - I was told up to a year.

I had a lumpectomy April last year, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy my blue dye has almost faded just a small greenish patch left my breast care nurse said it varies from person to person. 

This is weird because I had the injection and SNB but no blue at all. Lucky at last! I do have a tanned rad burn under my arm though so I’m a bit patchy too - but I’m hear :-)))