Blurred vision on docetaxel

Is anyone else suffering with blurred vision whilst on docetaxel? I’ve recently had 4/6 of my chemotherapy treatment. One of the side effects have been dry eyes but as time goes on I am noticing that my vision is becoming more and more blurred and feel the need to wipe my eyes to try to get a clearer vision although that doesn’t seem to improve much at all. I have been prescribed somecarbomer eye gel to relieve the dryness but I am growing more concerned about the blurred vision, even with glasses on my vision remains blurred. Just wondered if anyone else had had the same sort of experience? 

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I finished session number 6 on doxetaxel, and I have experienced something similar, my eyes feel as though they are stinging all the time, also my face has reacted and I look very burned with peeling skin.


The oncologist told me the effects would go away, it was 3 weeks ago tomorrow I had the last session, I do feel a bit better. So you just need to stay positive.


I had this too and thought I needed new glasses. I was advised not to get an eye test until 3 months after chemo finished. It was the correct advice. I had an eye test in June and my prescription had only changed slightly and my eyes had pretty much gone back to normal.

If you’ve lost your eye lashes, that wont have helped.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment xx

My eyes are stinging and so blurry at times and my gp says its dry eyes so she’s given me artificial tears. I’ve always had slightly dry eyes anyway. It might be worth a chat as sore tired eyes make you feel tired. Hope you get some help, xx