BMX - Blood in fluid - Frustrated 34 yr old

Hi all, so I am 4.5 months on from a bmx (no recon). Last weekend I was seen and had drained about 500ml of fluid which was thick red. For now they aren’t concerned but I am worried it’ll happen again. I’ve started wearing a compression belt. I just feel frustrated as I still don’t seem to be able to do what I use too, especially for a 34 year old. Under my armpits are aching but granted this has come on this last week. An Ultrasound on the armpits didn’t show anything. My left side I had some lymph nodes removed (cancer free) and the right side none removed as there was no cancer there. I’m just wondering when these aches and pains settle? When does the seroma/haematomas settle? Is it normal to have some blood in the fluid 4.5 months on from surgery? I am trying to not over do it as the week before I got the drain, I had moved furniture, decorated and rans up the steps at Dovedale. So this may have caused trauma and therefore the blood in the fluid. I’m just tired. I wish it all would settle down.