?bone cancer. Scared

Hi all


just got back from seeing specialist. Had a bone scan, pet scan and ct. they have said not sure if bone pain is cancer or healing fracture. Historically treated for stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. Finished treatment last year. Started to get rib pain suddenly over 3 months ago with no history or injuring/falling. They want a ct to confirm. Worried it’s the cancer back. Anyone been through this?



Hi Loola,


I was referred for a nuclear bone scan and follow on CT scan a couple of years ago after having gone for my 3 year checkup when I mentioned I had quite severe pain around my back ribs…(.I’d thought it was probably muscular).


The nuclear bone scan picked up 2 large patches of  bone on my lower back ribs and another small patch. After the CT scan the medics concluded the large rib areas were due to old fractures…I had absolutely no idea I had ever fractured my ribs, and can only think I did so 7 or more years before the scare, when I wacked my back on a ridge on a boat and thought it was just muscular. There was no physical bruising or anything at the time and I can only presume that I had aggravated the old injury/muscle when I decided to prove to myself that ’ I was back’ by designing and laying a sandstone patio!


Try not to panic while awaiting results. I know we can never be sure of results and it’s good that they are checking by the scans.


Another person on the forum is going through a similar thing at the moment - she posted in 2 locations on the forum on Saturday(?) eve, including a post in the ask a nurse section. You might want to have a look there too since the nurse has responded.


I hope you don’t have too long to wait for the results, it is very stressful. Please feel free to post again if you think I can help in any way or message me.


Seabreeze x

Hi Loola, 

I had a bone scan yesterday - also for back/rib pain - and have a week to wait until the results. The uncertainty is awful. Here’s hoping, for both of us. 

Me too. I now have diagnose of the breast cancer .It has returned in my bones in 3 places , hip lower back ( sacrum) and rib. They have put me letrozole and soon to have zometa ( to strengthen bones ) ,and the chemo CDK4/6.  I have to go back to Oncologist on 17th of this month and had a PET scan last week,so it is subject to result of that as to what the plan will be. 

I too am scared as no one on the team seemed to have time to talk. It is so important to have things explained. I know exactly how you are feeling. When I am feeling low I have to push myself to smile , then I’m ok. ?wishing you well.






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